Parallel Session ITIS 2023

Thursday, October 19, 2022, Time : 12.30 – 16.00 (Gmt +7)

Parallel Session – 1     : Ballroom 1 October 19th 2023 – Offline

No.Paper IDPaper TitleFirst Author’s Name
11570943305CFD Simulation of the Effect of Adding a Sludge Zone to the Sequencing Batch Reactor for fluid turbulenceNovirina Hendrasarie
21570933211Design and Build a Passenger Prediction Information System Using Gated Recurrent Unit Deep Learning AlgorithmFaikul Umam
  31570935301Communication Between Control Modules on the Mouse for the DisabledAlbert Hans Soeseno
  4  1570943588Sentiment Analysis of Crypto Coin on Twitter Data Using Text Mining Method with K-Means Clustering Case Study: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BinanceExcelsius Ferdian Roni
51570934409Artificial Intelligence-Based System ‘SiMoniK’ for MSMEsSri Lestari
61570943301Optimization of Binary Classification Based on Receiver Operating Characteristic Area Under the Curve for Supervised Machine Learning.Ani Dijah Rahajoe
  71570943595Implementation of the SMART Method and Location Based Service Technology in a Sewing Service Search Application  Retno Mumpuni
  8  1570943149Influencing Factor User Acceptance Mobile Library in Indonesia: A Study on iPusnas ApplicationTri Lathif Mardi Suryanto
  9  1570943161Unveiling Patterns Utilizing Folium for Visualizing Clustered Criminal Acts Distribution in Surabaya City  Reisa Permatasari
  101570943319Food Optimizing for Patients with Kidney Failure Using Evolution Strategies AlgorithmAndreas Nugroho Sihananto
  111570943378Implementation Frequent Pattern Growth (FP-Growth) Algorithm on Market Basket Analysis for Determining Consumer Purchasing Patterns (Case Study: XYZ Coffee Shop)Abdul Rezha Efrat Najaf
  121570943567Hybridization of Particle Swarm Optimization and Variable Neighborhood Search for Multi-Site Aggregates Production Planning in Home Textile IndustryAgung Mustika Rizki
  131570943611Enhancing Thematic Holy Quran Verse Retrieval Through Vector Space Model and Query Expansion for Effective Query AnsweringMuhammad   Muharrom Al  Haromainy

Parallel Session – 2     : Meeting Room 2 October 19th 2023 – Offline

No.Paper IDPaper TitleFirst Author’s Name
  11570939147Impulsivity Level of a Potential Leader based on Barin Signal Amplitude and Latency with the SVM MethodGilbert Faintbright Yohanes
    21570930349E-Marketplace Selection for Indonesian MSMEs: A Sentiment Analysis Approach Combining Lexicon-Based and Support Vector MachineWahyudi Agustiono
  31570943139iTCLab PID Control Tuning Using Deep LearningBasuki Rahmat
  41570942121Monitoring System on Autonomous Farming Drone Based on Convolutional Neural NetworkAulia Putri Ajuntira
  51570939256Clustering Coping Capacity Using HCSS (Hard Clustering Based on SoG Set)Ani Apriani
    61570931929Content-Based Recommendation Engine Using Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency Vectorization and Cosine Similarity: A Case StudyIda Lumintu
  7  1570941623Classification of Pneumonia Using a Deep Learning Convolutional Neural NetworkI Gede Susrama Mas Diyasa
  8  1570940884Sperm Classification of X and Y Chromosomes Based on Lazy Learning Using K-NNMade Hanindia Prami Swari
91570942798The Impact of Message Replication on VDTN Spray Protocol for Smart CityAgussalim
  101570939018Detection of Drug Effects on the Brain-based EEG Signals  Using K-Nearest NeighborsJonathan Given Hamonangan
111570939373Process Mining Approach to Analyze Engagement in Campaign ActivitiesAryo Nugroho, M.T.
  121570935466Design of a Real Time Cow Smart Collar Health and Position Monitoring SystemDiana Rahmawati

Parallel Session – 3     : Meeting Room 3 October 19th 2023 – Offline

  No  Paper ID  Paper TitleFirst Author’s Name
  11570943330Vehicle Accident Detection System with LPWAN Technology for Information Transmission  Albert Sagala
  2  1570940170Off-Grid Solar PV System withWeb-Based Data Management and Sun Tracking Capability for Brgy. 649, Baseco Compound, Manila  Angelo A. Beltran Jr.
  31570925877Development of Grid Connected Solar PV Power Management Controller with Internet of Things Based Real Time Data Checking  Angelo A. Beltran Jr.
  41570935168Leveraging U-Net Architecture for Accurate Localization in Brain Tumor Segmentation  Jeckey Ng Kah Poo
51570940518On Max Pressure Urban Traffic Control with LearningAdiyana Putri
  61570940522Normalized Traffic Features Using Graph Signal Processing for Traffic Flow PredictionAdiyana Putri
  71570943328Performance of Human Activity Recognition Classification using LSTM and 1D-2D CNNMuhammad Iqbal Anggoro Agung
81570933096Soft Set Based Clustering and Its Comparison on Categorical DataIwan Tri Riyadi Yanto
91570935475Multisensory Culinary Image Classification Based on SqueezeNet and Support Vector Machine’Santirianingrum Soebandhi
101570941542SkinMate: Mobile-Based Application for Detecting Multi-Class Skin Diseases Classification Using Pre-Trained MobileNetV2 on CNN ArchitectureTresna Maulana Fahrudin
111570931902Autism Screening Prediction Based on Multi-Kernel Support Vector MachineAri Kusumaningsih
121570939468Adaptation of Multilingual T5 Transformer for Indonesian LanguageMukhlish Fuadi