Parallel Session ITIS 2023

Thursday, October 19, 2022, Time : 12.30 – 16.00 (Gmt +7)

Parallel Session – 4     : Room 1 October 19th 2023 – Online

No.Paper IDPaper TitleFirst Author’s Name
  11570939710High Gain and Broadband mmWave Vivaldi Antenna for 5G High Band Application  Subuh Pramono
    21570929591Bandwidth, Gain, and Lowered-Sidelobe Level Improvement of A Circularly Polarized Slotted Waveguide Antenna Array for Ka-Band Applications    Subuh Pramono
  3  1570942838Detecting Fine-Grained Emotions from Covid-19 Tweets Using Transformer-Based Architecture  Rida Javed Kutty
  41570943592Performance Evaluation of Multi-Label SINTANUR Rice Seed Classification Based on Deep Learning  Dewi Humeira Amriah
51570932634Design and Implementation of Programmable Single Ended Primary Inductor Converter Using Proportional Integral Derivative MethodAchmad Fiqhi Ibadillah
61570932608Air Temperature Forecasting Based on Stacking Machine Learning Model with Multi-Step Time SeriesMulaab
71570932324Comparison 5 Level Cascade  H-bridge Multilevel Inverter Circuit with LC Filter and Without LC FilterDeni Tri Laksono
  81570941457Sentiment Analysis of Skincare Product Reviews in Indonesian Language Using IndoBERT and LSTM  Jessica Hidayat
91570929172Web Scraping for Summarization of Freelance Job Website Using Vector Space ModelStyawati
101570943537Light Intensity Control and Greenhouse Monitoring System for Melon CultivationChintya Tribhuana Utami
111570934161Design of Seaweed Dryer Using Sugeno’s Fuzzy Logic Control ApproachRullie annisa
121570943558Performance of Optimization Techniques in the Deep Learning Approach for Classification of Covid-19 PneumoniaBudi Nugroho

Parallel Session – 5     : Room 2 October 19th 2023 – Online

No.Paper IDPaper TitleFirst Author’s Name
  11570940486Mobile Robot Equipped with thermal camera and YoloV5 to detect gas leakKunto Aji Wibisono
  21570943434Beef Image Classification Using the Inception V3 Transfer Learning ModelErma Susanti
  3  1570930729Design of Formalin Detection System in Food Based on Artificial Neural Network  Achmad Ubaidillah
  4  1570934052Prediction of Whiteleg Shrimp Feed Requirement Using k-Nearest Neighbours Regression  Mohammad Syarief
51570932626Design of Proportional-Integral-Derivative Controller Using Root Locus for Human Face Tracking System with Viola Jones MethodMonika Faswia Fahmi
61570929592Android-based Smart Nutrition Application for Children Nutritional AwarenessPatrick Kwon
71570935108The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Art – A Systematic Literature ReviewChristian Then
81570930316Profanity Detector on Twitter Using Naive Bayes and Decision TreeVincentius Justine Gozali
91570931882Optimization and Development of RaspBerry Pi 4 Model B for the Internet of ThingsPuput Dani Prasetyo Adi
101570933175Performance of LoRaWAN in Multi NodePuput Dani Prasetyo Adi
111570943516Distance-Based Fuzzy MCDM Methods for a Supplier Selection Decision-Making ModelVinsensius Reza Bayu Kurniawan
121570943645Forecasting System of Wind Speed and Direction by Neural NetworkAnggraini Puspita Sari

Parallel Session – 6     : Room 3 October 19th 2023 – Online

No.Paper IDPaper TitleFirst Author’s Name
11570940353IoT-Based Automatic Transaction of Smart Parking Using Embedded System and Machine VisionIlham Alvindo Riandova
  21570932504Implementation of Support Vector Machine Method to Predict Harvest Readiness of Wonosalam Coffee FruitsRosida Vivin Nahari
31570931453Enhancing Tilapia Fish Farming Through IoT-Driven Monitoring and Automatic Feeding TechnologyDian Neipa Purnamasari
41570931596Enhancing Mobile Robot  Stability and Roaming Capability Using Fuzzy -PID Control MethodSri Wahyuni
  5  1570933200Solar Tracking System Dual Axis Using Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) ControllerVivi Tri Widyaningrum
  61570941635Analyzing Restaurants in Tourism Destinations Through Online Reviews Using Topic Modeling and Sentiment AnalysisDedy Suryadi
  71570939784Temporal Fusion Transformer for Multi Horizon Bitcoin Price ForecastingAdriel Justin Amadeo
  8  1570935163Exploring 3D Convolutional Neural Networks for Enhanced Detection in Lung Cancer ClassificationLua Wei Lin
91570939637Optimized Risk Scores for Early Detection of Bipolar Disorder Based on Crowdsourced Text DataNi Luh Putu Satyaning Pradnya Paramita
101570933359Marine Fish  Species Classification Using Transfer Learning and Residual NetworkBudi Dwi Satoto
111570938718Sentiment Analysis of Social Media for Indonesian m-Health PeduliLindungi Mobile-Apps(PLMA) with Lexicon-Based and Support Vector Machine ApproachKartini Kartini

Parallel Session – 7     : Room 4 October 19th 2023 – Online

No.Paper IDPaper TitleFirst Author’s Name
  11570933097Fast Collaboration Competencies Model for Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)Muhammad Yusuf
21570940531Implementation of Deep Learning with Resnet50 Modification for Clove ClassificationFirman Tempola
31570939006Reconfigurable of Palm Tree Vivaldi Antenna Using Square Ring Resonator for Cognitive Radio ApplicationsAgam Nizar Dwi Nur Fahmi
41570934168K-Nearest Neighbor Method Approach in implementing Automatic Feeding Efficiency Based on the Internet of Things in Broiler Chickens  Hanifudin Sukri
51570929596Digital Marketplace Design & Development for Creative Recycle ProductSena Kristiawan
61570940148Unveiling Sentiments in Javanese Text: A Study on Sentiment Analysis for the Javanese LanguageRaymasterio Vera Lucky
71570942877Enhancing Voice Security Through Rikitake Chaos-Based Encryption SystemW. S. Mada Sanjaya
81570942894Designing an Autonomous Qibla Finder Mobile Robot Utilizing the Second Al-Biruni’s Method from Kitab Tahdid Nihayat Al-AmakinW. S. Mada Sanjaya
91570943521Chicken Meat Freshness Evaluation Using Support Vector Machine Method and Raspberry Pi 4 Based Electronic NoseW. S. Mada Sanjaya
101570929706Game Technology Approach for Biology Education (Immune System) Delivery at Elementary LevelJonathan Vancent
111570933103Detect Areas of Upward and Downward Fluctuations in  Bitcoin Prices Using Patterned DatasetsRizky Parlika
121570932561Risk Score Estimation of Vulnerabilities Within  VulnOS2 Using AlienVault Based on MITRE ATT&CK Model  Inas Muthia